When you look at that there may perhaps be 100 schools represented and 400 pre-screened candidates, your possibilities of securing a teaching position at an international college is higher. Furthermore, several of the prime schools will only look at interviewing candidates who are pre-screened by a recruiting agency.

Whether or not or not you make a decision to register with a job fair may rely on your potential to get to exactly where 1 is becoming held. Job fairs are held at areas worldwide, with a distinct concentration in North America and the United Kingdom. Some of the organisations hosting the job fairs do not charge participants to attend, they make their cash from charging the recruiters.

There are many organisations that hold job fairs for international teachers. International College Solutions (ISS), Search Associates and the Council of International Schools (COIS) are 3 of them that hold job fairs about the planet. These organisations pre-screen the candidates and invite these candidates that meet the criteria published on their internet sites to attend their job fairs. You can go to their internet sites and verify if you meet their criteria.

Each ECIS and Search Associates are pretty specialist and seasoned in their strategy to organising job fairs, and it shows at their events.

Recruiters rely on these organisers to reduce out the unqualified or undesirable candidates. They turn away several candidates each and every year, so you should really really feel proud if you are invited to attend 1 of these fairs it really is the very first step to obtaining a contract at the fair.


COIS do not charge candidates to attend their job fairs. The recruiters do spend a charge to attend.

COIS job fairs are held from February by means of to June in the UK and in North America. The needs for becoming registered with COIS are accessible on their site and consist of:

* A existing teaching certification/ qualification

* 3 specialist referees, 1 of which will have to be your existing head teacher

* two year’s knowledge

* Candidates should really be prepared to look at becoming placed anyplace in the planet.

The dates and venues and application deadlines for the COIS job fairs for 2007 are accessible on their site and the deadline for applications for their very first job fair is January 18th.

Search Associates

Search provide an on line application approach and a quantity of job fairs in a selection of geographical areas. Prior to finishing an application you can go by means of a self-screening checklist on their site to figure out how competitive you will be in the job market place.

Search charge candidates $US150 to register, which is fantastic for three years if you do not obtain an overseas position in your very first recruitment season. Search gives a quantity of job fairs and your registration charge covers your attendance at 1 fair per registration period (of up to three years). You can attend a lot more than 1 for an further charge of $US 50 per fair. Should really you obtain your new position by means of Search Associates, there is an further placement charge of $US 300.

On application Search will assign you an ‘associate’ to give you individual service.

As soon as you are registered, your resume will be posted on line for recruiters to peruse. It is crucial that you go log in to the web page and update your resume at least each and every 30 days or your resume may be pulled off the web page.

Teachers in Australia and New Zealand can attend 1 of the Data Seminars supplied by Search. These seminars are held all through Australia and New Zealand in order to give data for people today interested in teaching overseas, and to pre-screen possible candidates prior to the Search job fair in Sydney. Verify their site for information.

Search provide two specialised placement solutions aimed at teachers with knowledge in either the IB technique or the British National Curriculum, see their site for a lot more information.

The dates and venues of the Search Associates Job Fairs for 2007 are on the Search Associates site and their very first job fair is becoming held in Australia in January.


ISS charge candidates $US175 to establish a specialist file with them. If your application is not accepted by them, they will refund $US125, and they do not charge a placement charge if you accept a position at 1 of the job fairs they host.

ISS job fairs are held in January, February, and March. The needs for establishing a file with ISS are accessible on their site and consist of:

* A four year bachelor’s degree

* two year’s knowledge

* Candidates should really be prepared to look at becoming placed in two continents.

If you are interested in establishing a specialist file with ISS you should really appear at the a lot more detailed list of their needs on their site.

The ISS name for a job fair is International Recruitment Centre (IRC).

ISS are holding 3 IRCs in 2007, the very first 1 will be held in Bangkok in January.

ISS say that ‘typically 50 % of these who attend accept positions as a outcome.’

These are the significant 3 of the recruitment organisations for teachers hunting at a profession in international teaching and participation in 1 of their job fairs can kick get started you onto a new and fascinating profession path. It can confident beat browsing by means of job ads and sending out your application pack 100 occasions.