A new online phenomenon has sprung up these previous two years. Totally free charity game web-sites pledge to donate to numerous causes if the visitor is basically prepared to play an on the net game. The games out there involve straightforward word definition concerns, geography trivia, quantity memorization and even crossword puzzle concerns. The visitor is in a position to play for as extended as he likes, donating rising amounts of sources towards the designated charity.

It is now feasible for a particular person to be selective about which website he wishes to devote his time on. Customers can now decide on from various games to play as nicely as various sorts of donations.

Which internet sites are the most effective? Which ones should really you stop by? Beneath is a summary of the existing absolutely free charity game web-sites out there.


Totally free Rice is the absolutely free charity game juggernaut. Due to the fact its opening on October 7, 2007, the website has donated more than 41 billion grains of rice to needy communities. Totally free Rice plays a bit like a by no means ending SAT test. You are provided a distinct word, and 4 feasible answer words are then listed beneath. The player will have to decide on the answer that is comparable to the listed word. If the player is right, twenty grains of rice will be donated to the UN Globe Meals System. The website claims that playing the game may well increase your vocabulary. The words applied in the game get much more tricky as the player answers much more concerns appropriately.


Charitii.com is an intriguing and entertaining take on the absolutely free charity game notion. The game plays like a many decision crossword puzzle. The clues are comparable to the ones identified in crossword puzzles, and the answer is what you would be writing into the boxes. Some of the puzzles are really inventive, typically leaving the player with an “A-HA” feeling right after realizing the answer. For each and every right answer, Charitii.com will donate 5 ounces of clean drinking water to the charity: water nonprofit organization. This organization will use 100% of the funds it receives to give water to communities living in poverty. The game plays rapidly, and the water donations simply add up. The web page claims more than 10,000 puzzles in their custom database, and players are also in a position to submit new puzzles to the database for other folks to play. Charitii.com automatically adjusts the game’s difficulty level as the player solves much more puzzles.


Freeflour.com is a net charity website that appears incredibly a lot like the Totally free Rice web page. With the identical boxy appear and basic layout, the web page hasn’t changed a lot, but the colors are now brown alternatively of green. The web page presents customers with challenging many decision geography trivia concerns. For each and every right answer, 1 spoon of flour will be donated on the player’s behalf. The website says that 100 spoons of flour are required to make a single loaf of bread. Freeflour.com states that it will donate an quantity of income that is equivalent to the worth of the flour collected on the website to the “Bread for the Globe Institute.”


This website also appears really a lot like the Totally free Rice web page, using the identical boxy green style. The game itself is primarily the identical as Totally free Rice as nicely. You are provided a target word and then four feasible answers. Like Totally free Rice, you will have to choose the word that most effective describes the target word. If you choose the right answer, $.0025 (a quarter of a penny) will be donated to assistance acquire gifts for young children via Globe Vision, a Canadian relief organization.


Like Freeflour.com, this website also makes use of geography trivia concerns for the visitor to play. The web page relies heavily on JavaScript to present a much more interactive expertise. The game tells you the name of a geographical landmark or city, and then provides you a restricted quantity of time to spot a marker on a map indicating exactly where you believe it is situated. Based on how close you are to the precise place, a various quantity of water will be donated. FreePoverty.com at present does not specify anyplace on their web page how and exactly where specifically the water is donated, which is lead to for concern.


This is yet another website constructed to donate water to poor communities. The website layout is clean and straightforward. The game tells you a quantity, such as 4295, which you then have about 3 seconds to memorize. Immediately after the time limit, the quantity is erased, and you will have to then inform the game what the quantity was. This website will donate 1 cup of water to Globe Vision for each and every right answer. As you get much more answers right, the length of the quantity to memorize gets longer. The game notion is various from all the other charity web-sites, but players may well develop bored memorizing increasingly extended strings of numbers.

Basic Click Charities

They need you to click on a banner to then donate a predetermined quantity to charity. There is no game to play. The web page visitor will have to basically click on a banner to open up a web page displaying a lot of ads. This kind of charity is somewhat restricted considering the fact that the user can only click on the banner when a day. Future clicks that day will not donate to charity, so customers are restricted in the quantity of assistance they can do. Also, considering the fact that there is no game to play on these web-sites, players may well rapidly drop interest and subsequently will quit going to.

The quantity of absolutely free charity web-sites has enhanced steadily these previous couple of years. I hope that this guide has been valuable towards understanding what is at present out there on the online.